[ODE] how to rotate the buggy

김지예 rurouni02 at naver.com
Thu Nov 2 04:32:51 MST 2006

Hi~ I am Rurouni.

I have a question about using ODE.

I can rotate a box/sphere along the center of its mass using 'dGeomSetRotation()'.

Now I make the buggy with 1 chassis and 3 wheels and

hope to rotate it along the center of its chassis mass.

I tried rotating its chassis using 'dGeomSetRotation()'.

But it maked the buggy twisted and moved unexpectedly

becuase the wheels and the chassis are 'jointed'.

I don't know how I can move(rotate/translate) its wheels

keeping the relative coordinates to its chassis.

Please advise me how I can solve this problem.------------------------------------------------------------------------새로운 기부 문화의 씨앗, 해피빈http://happybean.naver.com

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