[ODE] defy gravity on an object

Patrick McColgan patrick at torcinteractive.com
Mon May 8 06:32:23 MST 2006

 From the manual, page 24:

"void dBodySetGravityMode (dBodyID b, int mode);
int dBodyGetGravityMode (dBodyID b);
Set/get whether the body is influenced by the world’s gravity or not. If 
mode is nonzero it is, if mode is zero, it isn’t. Newly created bodies 
are always influenced by the world’s gravity."

Sharad Gupta wrote:
> Hi,
> how to create an ODE body positioned in the air which does not fall because 
> of gravity.
> I want it to be body instead of geom as need to create joints with it...
> I also tried one geom placed underneath my ODE bosy in the air. But it still 
> it comes down falling.
> Please advice..........
> thanks
> /sharad
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