[ODE] Still Spheres Vs Trimesh at Triangle Edges

Jaroslav Sinecky sinecky at telefonica.net
Fri Mar 31 09:12:32 MST 2006

If you really think your problem would be solved if there were no
sphere-edge collisions (I doubt it because then your spheres should sink on
trimesh convex edges), you can eighter implement the preprocessed mesh for
sphere collisions and submit it to svn (the more difficult way ;) or take
much easier and faster way: have a look on GetContactData in
collision_trimesh_sphere.cpp and comment out all edge collisions (all
branches except region 0 - interior).

Anyway, as I say I doubt this would be a good solution. What exactly is the
problem you are experiencing?

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> Hi again. I am still having troubles with spheres colliding at triangle
> edges. I don't know if the problem is the edge or the change from one
> triangle to another.
> I looked at the preproccesing trimesh, but it is only for ccylinders.
> I tried changing erp and cfm values. This helped, but not too much.
> I tried different scales, sizes, masses, mass shapes, etc... and nothing
> helped too much.
> I can accept any trick to avoid such jumps at triangle edge.
> Any help, please?
> Thanks in advance!
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