[ODE] vtTerrain and ODE

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Jun 27 00:22:56 MST 2006

Thomas Yeh wrote:

> but I do not see a content.cpp
> file nor *.ase files. 

There are two packages: a binary package (with Windows executable) and a 
source package (with source code).

The *.ase files are in the binary package that you have to download to 
run the demo -- no need including the same assets twice.

content.cpp is in the source package.

Note that, to build the source package, you probably have to use ODE 0.5 
(it was built against CVS "head" two years ago), and probably massage 
the source a slight bit (there might be some un-needed networking file 
not included).

> Can you briefly describe where the heightmap loader
> code is and the way the mesh is created?

Look for "NewTerrainFromImage" in content.cpp and the implementation in 
terrain.cpp / terrain.h.

>   Also, your website shows 2 car demos: raycar and carworld. What is the
> main difference between the 2? Is the car model in raycar more accurate?

The car model in RayCar is _less_ accurate -- it's intended to be an 
"arcade" car (using raycasts for wheels).


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