[ODE] dGeomRaySet

Daniel K. O. danielko.listas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 18:36:52 MST 2006

I'm having problems trying to use dGeomRaySet to set the ray start and 
direction. It does absolutely nothing.
(ODE 0.6 here)

This is how I'm trying to use it:

        ray = dCreateRay(space, 1);
        |dGeomSetBody|(ray, body);

        dGeomRaySet(raio, x, y, 0, dx, dy, 0); // x=1, y=0, dx=1, dy=0, 
point it to x axis

This does nothing; the ray start stays at (0,0,0), pointing to the z axis.

But if I use this instead of dGeomRaySet:

        dMatrix3 rot;
        dRFromAxisAndAngle(rot, 0, 1, 0, M_PI/2); // rotate z axis over x
        dGeomSetOffsetRotation(ray, rot);
        dGeomSetOffsetPosition(ray, x, y, 0);

It works. So, what am I doing wrong with dGeomRaySet?

Daniel K. O.

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