[ODE] On the meaning of ODE stability (was some quick notes on 0; 6) ...

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Fri Jun 23 10:45:07 MST 2006

Terry L. Triplett wrote:
> I'm in the unenviable position of supporting a binding to ODE from a 
> higher level language (C# via P/Invoke) where static binding at 
> compile time is *not an option*.  Since binding happens at runtime, a 
> shared library is the only reasonable option.  The shared library 
> needs to have a clearly identifiable version so that in the context of 
> the wider system environment, the correct library is chosen, should an 
> ambiguity exist.

The ambiguity is easy to resolve: pick the ode.dll that's in the same 
directory as the application. No muss, no fuss, has worked since Windows 95.

If you need a unique, "strongly named" ODE assembly, then you can create 
that library on your own by decorating the DLL you build, and adding the 
appropriate manifest. Then users can choose to build a .msi that 
installs it system-wide side-by-side, or however else they want. It's 
more work for you, though.

Meanwhile, none of that needs to happen in ODE proper at all; it can all 
be handled by the separate build/install scripts that are part of your 
distribution process.


          / h+

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