[ODE] some quick notes on 0.6...

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Thu Jun 22 06:32:06 MST 2006

John Miles wrote:
> - Wow, that convex collider primitive is broken.  Seriously not ready 
> for prime time.  Did anyone actually try it in test-boxstack?  Not 
> only do convex-convex collisions not work at all -- a situation 
> alluded to by the comments in convex.cpp -- but the convex pieces 
> promptly disable themselves after hitting the ground, and aren't 
> re-enabled when boxes hit them.  (Sphere collisions seem to re-enable 
> them, but not boxes.)

Had you taken care to read the list entries regarding Convex primitives 
and the note on Changelog (currently only convex-sphere and convex-plane 
work), you would know better to expect
it to work, or think that its ready for prime time, there is a reason 
its 0.6 and not 1.0.

What I started with the convex primitive integrates directly into ODE, 
following its coding style, thats why its not a contribution, mi initial 
goal was to get it all working and then commit it, but the commits from 
other fellow developers were too many too quick, and my code kept 
getting broken, since I was having less and less time to invest on the 
code, I decided to commit it so someone else could help taking it 
forward, its shortcomings I made perfectly clear before I committed the 
code, read the list archives.

Finally, if you so much dislike it, you are welcome to rework it or just 
pick up the work where I left.

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