[ODE] some quick notes on 0.6...

Erwin Coumans erwin at erwincoumans.com
Thu Jun 22 07:52:44 MST 2006

>Finally, if you so much dislike it, you are welcome to rework it or just
>pick up the work where I left.

or just wait for Bullet convex collision support in the upcoming 0.7 

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> John Miles wrote:
>> - Wow, that convex collider primitive is broken.  Seriously not ready
>> for prime time.  Did anyone actually try it in test-boxstack?  Not
>> only do convex-convex collisions not work at all -- a situation
>> alluded to by the comments in convex.cpp -- but the convex pieces
>> promptly disable themselves after hitting the ground, and aren't
>> re-enabled when boxes hit them.  (Sphere collisions seem to re-enable
>> them, but not boxes.)
> Had you taken care to read the list entries regarding Convex primitives
> and the note on Changelog (currently only convex-sphere and convex-plane
> work), you would know better to expect
> it to work, or think that its ready for prime time, there is a reason
> its 0.6 and not 1.0.
> What I started with the convex primitive integrates directly into ODE,
> following its coding style, thats why its not a contribution, mi initial
> goal was to get it all working and then commit it, but the commits from
> other fellow developers were too many too quick, and my code kept
> getting broken, since I was having less and less time to invest on the
> code, I decided to commit it so someone else could help taking it
> forward, its shortcomings I made perfectly clear before I committed the
> code, read the list archives.
> Finally, if you so much dislike it, you are welcome to rework it or just
> pick up the work where I left.
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