[ODE] Trimesh-Trimesh collision problems

Nuno Maltez nunomaltez at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 16:48:39 MST 2006


I'm using ODE 0.6 and having problems with Trimesh - Trimesh
collisions. It's very strange because the "test_moving_trimesh" that
comes with ODE works just fine. I made a new test replacing the bunny
with my trimesh pyramid as an example. It can be downloaded at:


and a small video capturing a simulation on my PC


Maybe it's a problem with my trimesh model, but simple geometries
collide fine against it (boxes, spheres and capsules). However, when
the falling pyramid hits the static one, it just gets "kicked" away.

I also thought it could be some problem with my World parameters or
with any other ODE settings I do not understand perfectly yet, like
ContactJoint settings or different stepping functions, but I just
copied the supplied test_moving_trimesh and my results are still

I would appreciate any help you could provide.


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