[ODE] FW: Quick dQuaternion question

Andrew Arcilla andrew at lookaheaddecisions.com
Fri Jun 2 22:58:12 MST 2006

Just forwarding to the list for everyone's reference.  Thanks Tomek.

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Hello Andrew,

> Hello,

> I just want some confirmation about the dQuaternion object.  So, could
> someone please tell me how ODE interprets the order of the dQuaternion
> array?  In other words, does dQuaternion[0] refer to W or X?

>From ODE Manual:

"9.1. Rotation functions
Rigid body orientations are represented with quaternions. A quaternion
is four numbers [cos( theta /2),sin( theta /2)*u] where theta is a
rotation angle and u is a unit length rotation axis."

The order is [W,X,Y,Z].


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