[ODE] Collision Shapes - was : FPS Player physics

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Jul 31 19:20:07 MST 2006

When a trimesh is involved, ODE calls out to OPCODE. When trimeshes are 
not involved, ODE uses its own collision primitives.

The trimesh <-> trimesh case ("moving trimeshes") is not as well behaved 
as most other cases, even with the numerous hacks you can employ, and is 
usually often a lot slower, so people usually use collision proxy 
objects (capsules, boxes, etc) for the moving actors and/or their limbs.

Using static trimeshes (for terrain/buildings/etc), and proxy objects 
for moving actors, is the well-tested, well-behaved, well-performing 
"standard case" when using ODE.


          / h+

Michael Molkenthin wrote:
> i thought, ode is making transparently usage of OPCODE for all 
> trimesh/trimesh collisions. Are there any cases ODE is doing collision 
> without OPCODE? Perhaps i have not understanded your post.
> Is somebody here converting its trimeshes into approximating 
> Boxes/Cones/tubes dedicated for collision to simplify trimesh/trimesh 
> situations to box/trimesh or trimesh/cube?
> regards,
> Michael

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