[ODE] Collision Shapes - was : FPS Player physics

Michael Molkenthin molle at michael-molkenthin.de
Mon Jul 31 03:06:15 MST 2006

i thought, ode is making transparently usage of OPCODE for all 
trimesh/trimesh collisions. Are there any cases ODE is doing collision 
without OPCODE? Perhaps i have not understanded your post.

Is somebody here converting its trimeshes into approximating 
Boxes/Cones/tubes dedicated for collision to simplify trimesh/trimesh 
situations to box/trimesh or trimesh/cube?


On Thu, 27 Jul 2006, Jon Watte wrote:

> Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 08:00:20 +0200
> From: Jon Watte <hplus at mindcontrol.org>
> To: Michael Molkenthin <molle at michael-molkenthin.de>
> Cc: ode at q12.org
> Subject: Re: [ODE] Collision Shapes - was : FPS Player physics
> You use OPCODE. These days, it just isn't optional.
> However, you don't usually use OPCODE for trimesh<->trimesh. You only use 
> OPCODE for static geometry.
> Cheers,
>         / h+
> Michael Molkenthin wrote:
>> hello @all,
>> this is leading me to an offtopic question. You are building tubes aound 
>> bones in an character. Whats about the static object staircase? How do you 
>> get to these capsule "primitives", ODE is supporting natively (_without_ 
>> OpCode)? Do you have an extra exporting pluging in a modeling tool like 
>> maya or 3dstudio, that is _not_ exporting trimeshes?

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