[ODE] Modeling a snowmobile

Jules Robichaud Gagnon unquebecois at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 27 22:39:38 MST 2006

Hi everybody,

I am working with a team of people to build a snowmobile game but we have 
some trouble figuring how to create a realistic and optimised physical model 
for the snowmobile.

We thought of some possibilities:

Using a capsule for each of the skis in the front to have the parts slide on 
the snow or putting two wheels for each skis and have them roll like some 
sort of skate boards. For the chain of the snowmobile we also thought of 
using three wheels or a long capsule to have it slide. We are not sure what 
is better between sliding, rolling or a mix of both.

Anyone of you has any ideas or recommendations how to build this snowmobile 
the most realistic possible?

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