[ODE] dsStop() and resume causes spheres not being rendered - Batching Simulations with Drawstuff

Alex Green alexg at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Thu Jul 27 21:41:45 MST 2006

Hi and thanks to the excellent ODE community, I am trying to batch multiple 
simulations, as follows:

1. Loop my simulationLoop() until the calculations are done (no graphics).

2. Call dsSimulationLoop() with my simLoop as an argument, the graphics 
spring up and a summary of my result is shown for an eyeball check.

3. Call dsStop()

4. Change the parameters, run my sim (1.), display (2.), etc, etc.

When I restart drawstuff after dsStop(), spheres are not drawn but their 
shadows can still be seen. The drawSphere() fn is being provided with valid 
data. Boxes and Trimeshs are drawn fine.

I am running under windows with MSVC 2003, ODE version 0.5.

Steps 1, 2, 3 then program end has worked for some time. Introducing the 
batching (ie re-sim after dsStop()) caused the problems.

How can drawstuff be stopped/started?

When drawstuff is killed are any ODE data structures destroyed? Can I 
assume that as long as my main() is running all of my simulation is still 
valid unless I kill it?

Thanks, I will post code snippets if needed. -alex

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