[ODE] cross-compiling

Daniel Monteiro Basso daniel.ode at basso.inf.br
Tue Jul 4 21:19:35 MST 2006


I made some changes to the configure.in file to allow cross-compiling
from linux to windows, the patch file is attached. It was generated
diff -Naur configure.in ../ode-0.6/configure.in >cross.patch

It checks whether the building host is the same as the target host, and
in the case it isn't, no AC_TRY_RUN is allowed and default values are

As ODE is a library that may be used by other projects that also make
use of autotools, I suggest the PACKAGE* and VERSION defines in
include/ode/config.h.in be removed (they are defined in compile-time
through -D switches anyway).

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