[ODE] ODE on AMD64?

irrisor@dev.java.net irrisor at dev.java.net
Tue Jul 4 07:05:15 MST 2006

Jason Perkins wrote:
> Yes, ODE has been used on 64-bit systems. Can you give more details
> about the error?
Thanks for your quick response! - it made it wonder if the error could 
still be on my side, and yes:
Seems like it was my final linking stage of my application. I used some 
optimization options which caused the problem. I still don't know why, 
actually, but it's not related to ODE at least.

I'm now struggling with contacts having only one geom (on 64bit but not 
on 32bit), but as the tests run fine now I think I will find a solution.

Best regards,

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