[ODE] Trimesh problems

Geoff Carlton gcarlton at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 10 16:25:56 MST 2006

If you really do have a heightmap, you're throwing away a good solution 
to try to convert it to a trimesh.  Why do you say the heightmap would 
have been too costly? 

Heightmaps have several advantages.  They get the collision right even 
with full penetration, the normal calculations are always good, and they 
are more efficient.


Anders Olofsson wrote:

>My mesh is actually derived from a heightmap (dem file) but using the 
>heightmap directly would have been too costly, so I reduce it to a trimesh 
>(this causes the large triangles..). In my little test the sides of the 
>triangle that fails is 20000 units long and the spheres has a radius of 10 
>units. Is this somewhere near your terrain tris in size?.
>If I manage I'll compare the heightmap/trimesh code, but dont the heightmap 
>code use plane collisions somehow (wich work ok)?.
>--Anders Olofsson
>At 11:45 2006-01-10, you wrote:
>>This might help indirectly - the heightmap contribution works correctly with
>>spheres, at least last time I worked with it.  I had fairly large terrain
>>tris, and spheres rolled nicely on them, didn't jump at edges etc.  In fact,
>>I even wrote a little custom sphere/tri collider for it IIRC, but even the
>>default worked for me.
>>If you check the code you might find the problem in the tricollider (if one
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