[ODE] Updating documentation (follow up)

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Thu Feb 16 11:41:05 MST 2006


> I wanted to update the documentation file ode.doc to include the new 
> functions dGeomSetOffsetPositionm etc.
> So I have some problem to create the new ode.html.
> I have the perl file snarf but this look like a package to be used by 
> another perl script.
> So I diged a little bit and found "doccer" in the "attic" of  CVS on 
> sourceforge. By adding a 1; in the last line of snarf I was able to 
> create the html file but I'm missing the images.

I try to create the new doc.html with the "doccer`" utility I found but 
it does not produce the same output.

The <style .... > entries are not the same so the output is not as nice 
and the one we all know.

The "@figure" command is not understood by doccer. doccer has the 
@figure command but you can't specify the size and the "label" of the image.

So does someone has a more recent version of "doccer" or knows where I 
can find the tool to create the html documentation  file from ode.doc.


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