[ODE] VS2005 project

Carlos (Casa) carabril at telefonica.net
Mon Dec 25 15:34:37 MST 2006



I'm new in this list so sorry if this has been discussed previously. I have
downloaded ODE 0.7 and loaded the VS2005 solution. I have noticed that the
Floating Point Model selected is Precise. This is the default model selected
by VS2005. I think that it should be changed to fast. Precise means that it
is 'precise' with the fp C type selected (not more precise in the
computations). And to achieve that it makes a memory write and a memory read
from the FP unit to the RAM (you can check it disassembling the result).
Obviously, this makes the code to run much slower than in the fast model
(that is the default in VS2003, and one the selected in the ODE VS2003


Hope this helps.


Carlos Abril



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