[ODE] New release?

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Wed Dec 20 13:38:16 MST 2006

No objections here, I've been thinking about doing the change from dual 
float point compilations to OpenGL like suffixes
(f for float arguments,d for double), which would radically change the 
API, so a new release is a very good idea.

I am also thinking about the switch from static collision detection to a 
dynamic one.

Jason Perkins wrote:
> Erwin Coumans would like to start working on integrating ODE and the
> Bullet continuous collision library. Since this work might take a
> while, I believe it makes sense to push out a new release of ODE
> before he starts. Are there any objections? Is there anything that
> really needs to be done before a new release?
> Thanks,
> Jason
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