[ODE] beginer car sample : keeping steering wheel parallel pb

je.a.le je.a.le at wanadoo.fr
Sat Dec 2 16:44:40 MST 2006


I begin with ode.
I use it through nebula2/mangalore game engine but beside entity creation etc 
physics is basically all direct ode coding.

I try the classic car test : a shapebox + 4 spheres for wheels + 4 hinge2. 
ground (hill) is a meshshape to simulate landscape.

for steering I set velocity on front hinge2/axe1. It's working and when moving 
ground react on "wheel" applying natural forces - which is good - . The problem 
is how I keep both front wheel parallel ??? i.e. when the left wheel is pushed, 
the right too, like on a real (4x4) car !. If  I could avoid a costly chain of 
joints it would be great !


for my 3d work it's over there --> http://j.a.l.free.fr/3dsmax
update 26 Aug 2006

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