[ODE] Breakable Joints

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Thu Aug 31 06:35:55 MST 2006


Thanks for the contrib.

I have some remarks:

- It is very difficult to oversee the impact of your patch.
  the patch file is very large: 22K lines.

- As I understand, you have added some flags to the joint, and
  a new callback for when it breaks?

- Can you explain the advantage over your code over the existing
  With ODE you can already add a feedback to a joint, and with this
  feedback you can trivially test for exceeding a limit, and have
  the joint break.
  Why do the break-test in ODE itself, instead of the user app?
  The current mechanism is seems more generic:
  You can do other stuff when limits are exceeded, other than breaking.
  Or you can have more complex break conditions.

- I'm not yet conviced that joint-breaking should be ode-space instead
  of user-space.


David Walters wrote:
> Hi, I've integrated the breakable joints contribution into my local
> copy of ODE - is there any reason why it shouldn't be commited to SVN?
> It comes with two new examples, based on the test_buggy one - which
> clearly show it works in allowing the wheels to fly off if you try to
> do donuts with the vehicle.
> Possible other applications would be for asteroids joined together
> that would made of connected parts with the ability to break up on a
> missle impact. Also, shooting the wheels off of moving vehicles as
> featured in "Enemy Territory : Quake Wars" sounds pretty cool to me!
> I've uploaded my patch here: http://hidden.asbestos.googlepages.com/home
> It seems like a great feature to have as part of ODE, and this
> implementation is very comprehensive but easy to understand.
> It all seems fine to me, but was there some reason it was never
> integrated other than lack of time?  It took a medium amount of effort
> to add this to the code as it's quite a significant change - that's as
> good as reason as any to not let this feature die.
> Regards,
> Dave.
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