[ODE] Breakable Joints

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 31 05:17:40 MST 2006

Hi, I've integrated the breakable joints contribution into my local
copy of ODE - is there any reason why it shouldn't be commited to SVN?

It comes with two new examples, based on the test_buggy one - which
clearly show it works in allowing the wheels to fly off if you try to
do donuts with the vehicle.

Possible other applications would be for asteroids joined together
that would made of connected parts with the ability to break up on a
missle impact. Also, shooting the wheels off of moving vehicles as
featured in "Enemy Territory : Quake Wars" sounds pretty cool to me!

I've uploaded my patch here: http://hidden.asbestos.googlepages.com/home

It seems like a great feature to have as part of ODE, and this
implementation is very comprehensive but easy to understand.

It all seems fine to me, but was there some reason it was never
integrated other than lack of time?  It took a medium amount of effort
to add this to the code as it's quite a significant change - that's as
good as reason as any to not let this feature die.


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