[ODE] FPS Player again

Roland Kindermann iyo at gmx.de
Tue Aug 8 06:38:30 MST 2006

Hi Micheal,
afaik most fps use collision boxes for the player. Modern fps use 
several boxes which may collide. I am not sure, how to prevent the boxes 
from colliding in ode.
Roland Kindermann

michael kapelko schrieb:
> So capsule seems to be the only suitable way... but in all shooters I 
> saw, the player is certainly not represented as a capsule, because if he 
> has some item in his hand (gun), then collision occurs outside player 
> and outside the gun. I can assume they use capsule with a large radius, 
> but no, player can move through thin wholes, which is impossible with 
> broad capsule. And, if a camera and a gun are inside capsule, the gun 
> will collide only with the capsule, not with outside objects.
> What to do?
> Thanks.
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