[ODE] dWorldQuickStep() generates bad position

Vianney Lecroart acemtp at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 13:54:57 MST 2005


I use ODE for 1 year now and I had a very strange problem that occurs
very very rarely (and randomly).

To try to find out the problem, I wrote a checkPosition function that
I call between every function call.

the checkPositions() parses every moving objects, get the position
with dGeomGetPosition(Geom) and then tests if positions are not >
10000 or < -10000.

checkPositions() just before the dWorldQuickStep() reported no problem
and just after dWorldQuickStep() the checkPositions() detects an
invalid position.
The bad position is: (-6.62104e+024, -2.9831e+023, 2.81205e+023)

I don't understand how in only one call to dWorldQuickStep() with
position between -10000 and 10000 can generate a so bad position.

I had this issue on windows *and* on linux (using dReal double)

Moving objects are only sphere and static objects are trimesh and some boxes.
The WorldStep is 0.001 (1ms).

I really don't know what I can do to fix that :/ any help is welcome

Vianney Lecroart

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