[ODE] Updated convex collision demo for ODE, and integrating questions (Russel?)

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Wed Sep 7 08:14:16 MST 2005


I just uploaded a new demo, with updated convex collision primitives using 
Bullet GJK. It adds a bit of damping, and fixes the crash because of object 
removal. Also instead of bunnies, it has tetrahedra and cones. Press 1,2,3 
or 4 in the windows demo 'bulletgjk_ode.zip': 

For adding damping, I just sticked with directly accessing the angular 
velocity, and couldn't find an exposed iterator of bodies in the world, so I 
had to include "ode-0.5/ode/src/objects.h", is there a better way of 
iterating objects ? 

I wonder how the preferred way is of adding collision detection to ODE ?
I had to add 1 primitive collision function: 

int dCollideConvexConvex(dxGeom *o1, dxGeom *o2, int flags,
			  dContactGeom *contact, int skip); 

Also, I derived the dxConvex type from dxGeom, but this also required 
modifications into ode src. 

It would be nice to get this code into the 'contrib', but then it has to be 
integrated in a more 'official/preferred' way. Can anyone help with this ? 
Russel ? 

Erwin Coumans 

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