[ODE] High speed rigid body collisions

Adam Moravanszky adam.moravanszky at novodex.com
Thu Jun 2 15:37:51 MST 2005

I'm going to get in trouble again for abusing the ODE list, so I will 
reply directly to Tim.  In the future please send NovodeX specific mails 
directly to me/us or post them in the NovodeX forums.


Vast wrote:

> Ooh! Since you are here, im just curious, understand me right.
> What action do u take if someone makes a commercial game using ur 
> physics engine with a non-commercial license?
> Also, what makes the price so high for these physics engines 
> (including yours)? Is it the name (as in reputation)? Or is it the 
> quality, stability, and speed? I mean, are there any specific reasons 
> ur physics engine doesn't cost as much as havok? I am just curious. 
> And what are the significant differences of your engine from ODE (i 
> know it might be uncomparable, but still)?
> Thanks!
> Tim.

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