[ODE] PosR - a better way?

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Fri Nov 12 16:25:42 MST 2004

> In particular, I think SetInfo is a particularly ugly hack to try to get 
> the collide function to work properly with offset geoms.  I also think 

I don't like SetInfo at all. I think the default mode is wrong; the 
only behavior that logically makes sense to me is the mode 1 behavior 
of returning data about the transform geom, not the contained geom.

> that an explicit GetOffsetPosition is clearer than GetPosition returning 
> either the real position or the offset, depending on whether the geom 

Here, we agree -- it would be more convenient if GetPosition returned 
the position of the transformed geom, rather than the geomtransform. 
However, that would remove the nice factoring of a geom transform from 
the actual transformed geom.


			/ h+

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