[ODE] PosR - a better way?

Geoff Carlton gcarlton at iinet.net.au
Sat Nov 13 11:06:44 MST 2004

As to new interface functions detracting from "clarity", look at the 
existing functions, all of which would be unnecessary:

In particular, I think SetInfo is a particularly ugly hack to try to get 
the collide function to work properly with offset geoms.  I also think 
that an explicit GetOffsetPosition is clearer than GetPosition returning 
either the real position or the offset, depending on whether the geom 
happens to be sitting in a container (its not polymorphic on the _type_ 
of geom at all).  However, it seems we have a difference of opinion here.

Does anybody else have any input on this subject?  Are there people who 
would want this (perhaps as a patch), assuming I get around to changing 
it on my build?  Or in fact, is the consensus that the current 
GeomTransform interface is better?


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