[ODE] Trimesh collision: not all triangles are colliding

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Tue Jan 13 14:45:07 MST 2004

Frederic Marmond wrote:
> Linux?
> If yes, I found a bug in the OPCODE library, that forced me to compile 
> the collision part without optimisation for a file (-O0), on gcc-3.x 
> compilator. Worked fine (-O3 for all files) with a gcc-2.95 one. The 
> result was as you said, some triangles collides, others don't as they 
> would have been colliding.

Was it really a bug in the OPCODE library?  If so, it would
be very helpful to find and fix the bug.  But as you describe
it, it sounds equally likely to be a GCC bug (though again,
if it can be isolated we could probably make a workaround).

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