[ODE] Trimesh collision: not all triangles are colliding

Frederic Marmond fmarmond at eprocess.fr
Tue Jan 13 09:58:14 MST 2004

On which platform are you working?
If yes, I found a bug in the OPCODE library, that forced me to compile 
the collision part without optimisation for a file (-O0), on gcc-3.x 
compilator. Worked fine (-O3 for all files) with a gcc-2.95 one. The 
result was as you said, some triangles collides, others don't as they 
would have been colliding.

If you are in this situation, ask me, and i'll try to find in my 
archives precisaly which caused the problem, and a test-case that 
reproduce the problem.


Sazzad Karim wrote:

> Hello,
> My team is testing with ODE for collision in our game; we have used 
> OBB bounding boxes for all static objects and terrain mesh for the 
> terrain. The OBB player to other OBBs work fine, but just as we 
> integrated the trimesh part it is not working, some triangles in the 
> mesh collide but most don't! Are we doing something wrong or havent 
> initialized something or ODE have some unimplemeted function on 
> trimesh? As far as i'm concerned correct data is passed to the trimesh 
> of ODE. If you've encountered such a problem please help.
> M Sazzad Karim
> Game Programmer
> www.bangladesh-71.com
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