Managed Wrapper (was: RE: [ODE] My ODE++)

ken ken at
Fri Jan 9 13:45:19 MST 2004

Jon Watte wrote:
> Perhaps you can elaborate? In case you lost the context, here's a summary:
> - Someone was saying that a better C++ wrapper might make writing a managed ("CLR" "DOTNET" etc) API for ODE easier.
> - I replied that I had written a managed API that's richer than the current wrapper available in contrib, and I described the approach I took, including wrapping using Managed DirectX APIs to reduce impedance.
> - Someone replied that tieing the managed API to DirectX precluded other platforms from using the managed wrapper.
> - The only other platform that could conceivably use that would be "DOTGNU" running under Linux, and, honestly, it's not currently anything I'd base a production-worthy effort on, which is what my joke was about. It seems that you were trying to prove that there are production efforts using DOTGNU on Linux, but I fail to see how your links apply.
> Cheers,
>                         / h+


I too fail to see how they apply. I should know better than to type
out an email before I have my morning coffee, I completely missed the
original context. (Just for the record, there is also the
Novell/Ximian mono project, but I'd bet there
are no large graphics apps using it either). Sorry for the lame reply,
and thanks for the development work on ODE!


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