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Manohar B.S sciphilog at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 7 21:18:33 MST 2004

>> C++ implementation/ wrapping

      Good work. My suggestion is that there should be
very Clear, Rugged and Hierarchical c++ mplementation.
My be then ODE will be more ealsily become "Managed
 The problem I face is with the Contact Joints. A body
should have it's own surface property. One class by
name CBody can have geom, phys & surface prop, audio
prop, & graphics prop. When two bodies collide, each
having its own dGeomContact, a method of evaluating a
single resultant dGeomcontact should be implemented.

 ResultantGeomContact = EvalResult(dGeomCont1,

 Again the CBody may or may not have physics depending
on the whether they are static or dynamic.


--- "royce3 at ev1.net" <royce3 at ev1.net> wrote:
> After a year on the list, we're finally to a point
> where I need to actually
> look at ODE. As an attempt to understand how ODE
> works, I started building
> some C++ wrappers, and after a couple days of
> playing with it, I finally
> have
> them to a point where I'm somewhat happy with them,
> for the parts that I
> have
> wrapped. I also wrote a header you can insert to get
> a trace of what ODE
> functions are being called, and with what
> parameters. It's not
> comprehensive, but covers the functions that I was
> using when trying to
> figure out why things weren't showing up. ( I
> finally discovered that I
> couldn't see anything because I wasn't sending
> anything to be rendered...
> oops )
> Anyways, if someone has a minute, I'd like some
> feedback on the design. Is
> there something about the classes that indicates a
> particular lack of
> understanding? Is it something that could be useful
> as a contrib after some
> more work? Also included is my modified
> Test_BoxStack.cpp that uses the
> wrappers.
> In particular, the classes simplify building bodies
> out of multiple non-
> centered geoms, like the complex object in
> Test_BoxStack. As I said since
> I'm
> still pretty new, I'm not sure if the design will
> scale very well feature-
> wise.
> FWIW, we're working on designing an engine for two
> of our games. One will
> use
> physics, and one won't, so I'm designing these
> classes to eventually plug
> into that engine.
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