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Oleh Derevenko oder at eleks.lviv.ua
Sun Sep 30 07:39:05 MST 2007

Hi everybody,

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From: "Jean-Sébastien Guay"
Subject: Re: [ODE] 0.8.2 candidate

> - in demo_heightfield, If I drop 4 boxes or more in rapid succession
> (press 'b' 4 times quickly) when the program just started, I get an
> "Access violation reading location 0xbaadf011" (which I think is a
> code for some bad pointer access in Visual Studio) and it stops at the
> dCollide line in demo_heightfield.cpp (line 1568). If I drop less
> boxes (up to 3) it works fine, and even if I drop one, wait for it to
> collide, and then drop 4 or more, it works fine. It's just if I drop 4
> or more as the first collision when the program starts that it crashes.

The reason of the bug was that I missed a variable name change in one place
when buffer reserve allocations were implemented and this caused that up to
three ending HeightFieldPlane pointers might be not initialized.

> - in demo_moving_trimesh, when dropping a trimesh with 'm', I get
> "assertion "dFabs(dVector3Length((dVector3&)*normal) - REAL(1.0)) <
> dEpsilon" failed in
> ..\..\ode\src\collision_trimesh_trimesh_new.cpp:328". Is this expected
> with the new trimesh collider?

I have loosed tolerance to 1e-2, as precision for float is really poor.
Also I have fixed averaging algorithm to work for three and more vectors and
changed the case when several contacts completely compensate each other so
that result contact would be removed from array instead of generating dummy
normal of (1; 0; 0).

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