[ODE] 0.8.2 candidate

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Fri Sep 28 05:02:26 MST 2007


>>> It is a non-trivial amount of work to untangle
>>> that one, but everyone would sure appreciate it if someone took it on
> Well, no not entirely. You can't get fix these warnings by casting --
> well, you can *suppress* the warnings by casting, but that doesn't fix
> the real issue. The problem is that ODE supports both single- and
> double-precision, but OPCODE only uses single. So the trick is to
> figure where single-precision is okay, and where double-precision is
> needed, and then modify OPCODE to use dReal in the right places.
> There was a discussion on the list about this a few (several -- time
> flies) months ago, which I think I started. 
There might even be a patch for that. (No a complete one but a starting 

> The gist of it was that in
> theory it should be possible to use dReal only for positions, and use
> single-precision floats for rotations and position offsets (box
> widths, sphere radius, etc.). For trimeshes, it is single-precision is
> probably sufficient (someone jump in if I've got this wrong) to
> represent the mesh vertices; dReal would still be needed to represent
> the geom position.

What I did to solve this problem is to create function proxy to convert 
float array to double array and vice-versa where this is needed.

I tried to create double or float but some of them are really not 
obvious since they work by moving bits arround.


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