[ODE] ODE Digest, Vol 49, Issue 31

Ruud van Gaal ruud at racer.nl
Fri Sep 28 04:08:26 MST 2007

Not differing opinions, if you see the work on the warnings as 'converting
floats to dReal'. Or perhaps 'opcReal' to differentiate the 2 (although
merged) libraries.
Casts are often evil and should be avoided where possible; warnings on
implicit type conversions don't exist to annoy the programmer. ;-)

OPCODE probably stores its data as floats and that should probably remain
for performance's sake, but the warnings on type conversion should indicate
where a float should be changed into dReal.

Then later with 64-bit conversion will be much easier and with less initial


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> Hello Jason and Jon,
> Jason Perkins said:
> > It is a non-trivial amount of work to untangle
> > that one, but everyone would sure appreciate it if someone 
> took it on.
> Jon Watte said:
> > The thing is that the warnings may be helpful when porting 
> to 64-bit,
> > so casting them away would be a disservice.
> Ok, so 2 differing opinions. I have never ported an application (let  
> alone a library) to 64-bit, so I wouldn't know about what Jon says,  
> but I've always hated pragmas almost as much as warnings... Anyways,  
> if no one insists on taking the decision to fix them, I'll defer to  
> Jon's knowledge and experience on this one.

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