[ODE] V0.8+ Bugs Update (Att: Bram)

Viper viper at devcode.co.uk
Thu Sep 27 17:10:58 MST 2007

Hi Bram,

I've finally found the cause of the hinge joint torque issue.

It's totally unrelated to the hinge joint, isn't that always the way  :)

The root of the problem is actually due to the behaviour of dWorldSetAutoDisableFlag().
The body attached to the hinge was auto-disabling before the hinge moved.
Enabling the body (or turning off world auto-disable) gives identical results to pre-V0.8 builds.

This behaviour seems consistent with the hinge2 joint now, so I'd say it's 'fixed' in V0.8+.

Works fine in V0.9 too.

It's a relief to know it isn't due to torque magnitude being off, that could have been a nightmare to investigate.


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