[ODE] Bullet and ODE - any update?

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Wed Sep 26 08:02:00 MST 2007


We need at least one developer (apart from me) from the ODE community, who 
actively helps with this integration. 

ODE is a very good collision detection and physics engine, so any 
replacements should be at least as good or better then the original. The 
challenge is that replacing OPCODE by Bullet collision detection would 
provide an alternative that is better in some areas, but not as good in 
others. We are working on this, and I think ODE could already benefit from 
several individual parts of Bullet: 

A - fast sweep and prune broadphase
B - robust and fast convex collision detection (convex mesh, cylinder etc)
C - fast compressed aabb tree, faster and more compact then OPCODE's tree
D - on the longer run, time of impact calculation, but this requires a very 
big change in the dynamics part/world step 

If anyone wants to help integrating one of above steps, just get in touch on 
the Bullet forums at http://bulletphysics.com. I've ideas how to do this 
properly, including using the ODE C-interfaces. 

Hope this helps,

Krystian Ligenza writes: 

> Hi, 
> is there any update in integration Bullet collision detection and ODE? 
> Thanks,
> Krystian Ligenza
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