[ODE] Library linkage problems (Windows).

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sun Sep 23 23:11:36 MST 2007

The static library build of ODE links against some version of MSVCRT.dll 
(it's unclear which). This is a problem if you want to use that version 
with any other version of MSVC, and it's also a problem if you want to 
create a statically linked program that has no specific runtime 
requirements (MSVC 2005 SP1 runtime isn't particularly widespread, for 

We need to do two things:
1) Build a number of ode.lib static libs, with different versions of 
MSVC (7.1sp2, and 8.0sp1 at a minimum) and mark each as such.
2) Make sure that static link versions of ODE are built against the 
static runtime libraries, not the DLL runtime libraries.


          / h+

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