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Thanks. I will check the stack size.

I am simulating cables so I can't predict precisely the number of bodies, but something around 400 or 500 would be perfect.


I don't care that much about the speed of the calculation. I am using double precision under visual studio and use dWorldStep.




Jean Francois.


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Hello Jean-Francois,

I've been able to go up to 1000 bodies roughly. I used the most accurate
stepping function (not StepFast, which should be faster). My guess is
that your limitation comes from the configuration of your compiler (not
enough stack) or something similar.

In my case, the simulation was VERY slow, about a frame every 4 seconds.
The framerate collapsed from roughly 200-300 bodies. If I'd used
StepFast, it would have been much faster, maybe 10- to 50-fold speed-up,
but I haven't tested it. How many bodies do you need in your simulation?


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I was looking for the maximum number of bodies acceptable by ode? I
think I can reach 100 and then, I get an error in dInternalStepIsland in
a call to _chkstk.

Is there a way to increase the number of bodies?

Thanks in advance,

Jean Francois

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