[ODE] AMotor angle infos

Alexandre Bouenard alexandre.bouenard at univ-ubs.fr
Fri Sep 21 04:27:57 MST 2007

Hi all ODE fellows !

I have a few questions regarding AMotors :

1) As for dEulerMode, which specification is used for Euler angles : 
XYZ, ZYX, ZXZ ... ?
    [ You can refer to this paper if you want to know about this kind of 
consideration : _Representing attitude Euler angles, unit quaternions 
and rotation vectors_ by J. Diebel from Stanford University ]

2) I've seen a lot of threads about AMotor's angle rate function since 
many years. Even last releases haven't provided a solution for this 
function. Are there threads I've not seen regarding this function ? Has 
anybody some hints about it, or hopefully has anyone a solution ?



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