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Benoit Forestier benoit.forestier at irsn.fr
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For reasons that would be far to long to explain here, i need a shape 
that is really close to an actual cylinder so that i will have to use 
very little triangles. The perspective to use trimesh to achieve this, 
seems to me tedious ; and i have read somewhere that ODE gets into 
troubles when the triangles are too small.
Furthermore, the vessel will probably be completed with a cone in the 
lower part, so that the use of  quadratic planes would be much more 
interesting, avoiding me another tedious trimesh-based geom construction.
Finaly, i want the actual dimensions of the vessel to be entirely 
customizable so that it would be really easier for me to use quadratic 
planes rather than working on parametrized trimesh-based geometry (in 
particular because of the size of each triangle that should stay small).


Delerue Jean-Francois a écrit :
> Hello,
> Why don't you simply build your surface as a trimesh?
> Jean Francois
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> Hello,
> firstly, i would like to apologize for my poor english.
> I would like to simulate  the motion (and collisions) of spheres within
> an
> empty cylinder.
> from what i saw in the user guide, there is no geom type i can use to
> perform that kind of calculation.
> has anybody heard about any quadratic plane geom class (i.e. a plane
> with
> equation of the form ax^2 + by^2 + cz^2 + dxy + exz + fyz + gx + hy + iz
> + j
> = 0)?
> should i  build my own class?
> is there any other way to model a cylindrical vessel?
> Thanks
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