[ODE] New correctins ready

Oleh Derevenko oder at eleks.lviv.ua
Wed Sep 19 06:08:41 MST 2007


I'm ready to upload a next patch for collision detection code.  However I need patch #1794781 to be incorporated into sources first to have it in base revision. Otherwise there will be conflicts during merge.
Another option is dropping previous patch and merging only the new one, as it anyway includes changes to the same file.

Brief description of changes in new patch:
1) Introduction of CONTACTS_UNIMPORTANT flag for dCollide()
2) Fix for the deepest contact might be not selected if there is a lack of contact slots in trimesh-trimesh and trimesh-box cases.
3) Fix for side1 member of ContactGeom being not assigned in GIMPACT version of trimesh-box collision checking.
4) Fix cylinder-box collision did not respect requested contact count limit.
5) Fix for dxHeightfield::tempHeightBuffer[i] memory never released (wrong condition xSize < x in for-loop)
6) Fix for dxHeightfield::tempPlaneBuffer[i] memory never released on reallocation (only master memory block was deleted)
7) Fix for heightfield collision could return less contacts than was possible
8) Minor optimizations and code improvements which should not change functionality (in particular, all the checking for contact buffer overflow moved from beginnings of the blocks to follow the code that does actual contact generation).

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