[ODE] Question about ODE and particle systems.

Jeremy Roberts jroberts at digipen.edu
Sat Sep 15 02:21:02 MST 2007

     Sorry for all of the questions.  You guys have been great with your help.  I just hope I don't offend anyone with so many questions.
     I am wondering if there is a quick and efficient way to determine if a moving point (particle in a particle system) collides with ODE geometry.  In my game I need things like explosions.  These explosions emit particles over a short time which naturally need to collide with the geometry of the game.  For most I would like them (sparks and such) to bounce off of the walls etc..  The only somewhat elegant solution I can think of is: whenever a particle moves, to add a new ray geom to the world with length and direction along the particles heading and distance travelled.  If it collides, update the corresponding particle appropriately as a collision has occurred and each frame delete all ray geoms.  
     My questions are:
     1) Is this even feasible for a large number of particles, i.e. say 500 to 1000 or more particles?
     2) Is there a more elegant solution?

     Thank you for your help.
     Jeremy (grill8)

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