[ODE] new trimesh vs trimesh code

Oleh Derevenko oder at eleks.lviv.ua
Fri Sep 14 14:59:26 MST 2007

Hi, Jon

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>> rounding the position coordinates to 1e-4 precision - that makes 
>> neighbour buckets very small (a cube with edge of 1e-4). However 
>> including several close contacts usually makes final dynamics calculation 
>> equation system worse, as far as I understand.
> Yes, you typically want to merge with 1e-2 precision if you're using 
> meters.
> Merging contacts with differing normals is necessary to get smooth results 
> from a ball rolling on a trimesh, because the normal of a sphere 
> intersecting with a triangle edge goes away from the edge toward the 
> sphere, not orthogonal to the triangle surface.
> So, if you don't like it, the code's all yours :-)

No, I do not use contacts and do not simulate physics. I do not have 
environment to test all that in. I only use library to detect the fact of a 
collision. So, I only correct the things that are important to me and which 
I can verify later. All the rest places that look suspicious to me I mark 
with commentaries in code and/or report here, so that people who are more 
familiar with all that and use that code in their applications, could have a 
hint where to look.

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