[ODE] ODE running very slow on Windows XP 64bit

Bram Stolk b.stolk at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 07:36:48 MST 2007

What dt are you using?
A fixed one, like in the ode/demo dir, or a properly timed one, based on a

If you use a fixed one, this behaviour can be caused by a video driver
If your graphics card 'syncs to vblank' you will typically get no more than
60 updates per second.
So maybe you did more than switch to 32 bit? You also use a different
display driver setting?

If you are using a clock based dt, then your comment on realtime vs
0.03times realtime is confusing.

Please read this:


On 9/13/07, Troost <S.Troost at student.tudelft.nl> wrote:
>  Hello,
> I am using ODE in a humanoid robot simulation. Recently I switched to
> Windows XP 64bit and noticed a speed drop while running the 32bit compiled
> version of ODE of a factor 30!! First it ran around realtime and now only at
> 0.03 times realtime. Are there solutions found to this problem or others
> that are having the same problem? I am using ODE 0.81 (and ODE 0.5 also
> has this problem). I am not using the trimesh code by the way.
> Best regards,
> Sebastiaan
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