[ODE] Find dParamSuspensionERP in ODE.NET

Cardinal4 cardinleejh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 01:30:24 MST 2007

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to translate some of the ODE test files in the ODE package to
ODE.NET so I can get a feel of how they work. But I ran into some weird
enumerations that I can't seem to find the equivalent of in ODE.NET.

An excerpt from test_buggy.cpp:
// set joint suspension
    dJointSetHinge2Param (joint[i],dParamSuspensionERP,0.4);
    dJointSetHinge2Param (joint[i],dParamSuspensionCFM,0.8);

In ODE.NET, I couldn't locate anything called d.ParamSuspensionERP, or
anything similar. Tao.ODE mentioned that d.ParamSuspensionERP and CFM were
joint types for hinge2. So I guess the ODE.NET equivalent could be
d.JointType.Hinge2. But there wasn't a ERP or CFM version.

And even if I used
d.JointSetHinge2Param( joint[i], d.JointType.Hinge2, ... ), should I use
value 0.4 or 0.8? :thinking:

Please help out, there's not much documentation around. Thanks in advance.
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