[ODE] Triangle Meshes

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Sep 10 11:03:25 MST 2007

Note that the "Simple" version of the trimesh build functions require a 
vertex with FOUR floats per position. Use the non-Simple version to 
build a trimesh out of data that uses three floats per position.


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Jeremy wrote:
> Are there known issues with trying to create arbitrary
> collision bodies from triangle meshes?  I have created
> a simple triangle mesh body and exported it as a
> wavefront obj file.    I converted the wavefront
> object into two arrays (vertex array and index array)
> that I copy and pasted into the
> demo_moving_trimesh.cpp.  When the demo is compiled
> and ran, it looks and behavs exactly as I expected.  I
> can crash boxes, cylinders, etc into my model, and
> they collided properly.  This is all true until I
> press the 'm' key to create the same body to crash
> into the static models.  The program hangs, and dumps
> some messages to the terminal (zero length Vector4D or
> something to that effect).
> Any help would be great!
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