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Jon Watte regularly warns against contact points that are close together,
and recommends filtering them.
So small triangles are probably ok, but you may want to avoid the close


On 9/10/07, Flavien Brebion <f.brebion at vrcontext.com> wrote:
> Jeremy wrote:
> > I compiled ode with both and the behavior was pretty
> > much the same for either.  Basically my trimesh is a
> > topologically detailed rounded die (your usualy 6
> > sided die).  There are regions in the mesh that have
> > closely located vertices.  Could there be issues in
> > precision with closely grouped vertices so as to crash
> > the demo app?
> >
> One thing you could check are degenerated triangles; at many places in
> the code, a division is made by the area of a triangle. If the triangle
> is degenerated, it generates a division-by-zero error which creates an
> avalanche of problems. Just an idea.
> F. Brebion
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