[ODE] Triangle Meshes

Jeremy pseudosig at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 07:25:59 MST 2007

Are there known issues with trying to create arbitrary
collision bodies from triangle meshes?  I have created
a simple triangle mesh body and exported it as a
wavefront obj file.    I converted the wavefront
object into two arrays (vertex array and index array)
that I copy and pasted into the
demo_moving_trimesh.cpp.  When the demo is compiled
and ran, it looks and behavs exactly as I expected.  I
can crash boxes, cylinders, etc into my model, and
they collided properly.  This is all true until I
press the 'm' key to create the same body to crash
into the static models.  The program hangs, and dumps
some messages to the terminal (zero length Vector4D or
something to that effect).

Any help would be great!

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